This site is intended to be a collaborative effort to trace the Quimby family as they spread across the USA. With everyone's help, I hope to also trace the family origin in England as well. There are a lot of Quimbys in this country and there is little doubt that we are related. Consider this an open invitation to join me and other members of the Quimby family as we trace our ancestry and create a living record of our family heritage.

The earliest known arrival of a member of the Quinby/Quimby family in America was around 1638 in Portsmouth, MA. It is believed that there were two members, Robert Quimby who settled in Amesbury, MA and William Quimby who set out for Connecticut. Robert's family settled throughout New England while William's family settled in Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey. Eventually, the Quimby family headed westward.

In researching the ancestry of the family, I discovered that there are several forms of the name that may appear for our family. The current name "Quimby" is the form associated with the family after the move to America in the early 1600's. Other forms that are common are Quinby and Quenby. The early written records seemed to spell the names more phonetically than by any particular standard so there can be quite a few variations in the name. It is most likely that researching the family in England will require finding the various forms of the name. The least likey to be found will be Quimby and the most likely names to start with are Quinby, Quenby, and a host of other variations.

There were many Quimbys in the Revolutionary War. Tracing your ancestry may qualify you for
membership in the Sons of the American Revolution or Daughters of the American Revolution
Sons of the Revolution         Daughters of the American Revolution